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Air Conditioning and Heating Services

We service all brands of residential and light commercial air conditioning and heating units.

We service package gas systems, package heat pumps, split gas furnaces and straight cool air conditioning, condensers, split heat pumps, air handlers and heat pump condensers.

All of the complete systems installed have the new refrigerant R-410A. On some systems R-22 condensers can be installed by itself on straight cool air conditioning units only.

Systems can be checked for leaks on both R-22 and R-410A units, and we highly recommend doing this before repairs, recharges, and replacement options. After a system is leak checked the customer is informed of all their options. There is no waiting for options on the service call. The customer will be given repair versus replacement options on older equipment.

All repairs are done with flat rate pricing, not by the hour, with an explanation of all repairs and charges up-front.

We Offer Compressor Change Outs on Light Commercial Systems
- Condenser and Blower Motor Replacement
- Digital Thermostat Replacements
- Controls, Capacitor Replacement
- Evaporator Coil Replacement
- Venter Motors, Gas Valves, Electronic Board Diagnostic and Changes, Heat Pump Electronic Defrost Repair, Heater Kits Changed and Repaired.
- Maintenance and Cleaning of Condenser and Evaporator Coils
- Hard to Find Freon Leaks
- Carbon Monoxide Checks
- Pre-Season Maintenance
- Maintenance Agreements

We offer preventative maintenance to customers of all brands to extend equipment life and efficiency. During our maintenance inspections and cleanings we will do a safety inspection on gas units and all electrical inspections on heat pumps.

We also have some indoor air quality products that would be beneficial to some customers such as American Standard's Accu Clean air filtration system. Some of the benefits of this state of the art cleaner are:

- Removal of approximately 99.98% of airborne allergens.
- 100 times more effective than a standard 1" throwaway filter.

Example of a bad evaporator coil. Split system coil leaks severely, R-22. Rusted with multiple leaks. Options would include a coil replacement with R-22 refrigerant, due to be phased out in the future, or a system replacement due to age, condition and efficiency. Customer chose new system with energy efficient R-410A refrigerant.

Bad run and start capacitor with blown heads and bad relay. Strength of run capacitors (MFD Rating) is checked on every maintenance call.

Compressor contactor controls are checked on every service and maintenance call on all air conditioners and heat pumps. These contactors have severely melted points and needed to be changed. Our trucks carry over 150 universal and OEM parts, saving both time and costs for the customer.

At Admiral Heating and Air Conditioning we carry all the necessary meters and tools to diagnose and change high tech parts such as the ones pictured here; variable speed motor drive heads, and electronic head pressure controls. Also, we carry a wide selection of parts for basic repairs such as digital T-Stats.

Example of a bad venter/combustion motor assembly from a package gas system. Wheel to assembly was corroded and busted apart. Bad gas valves from package gas units.
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